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Packing Materials

Welcome to our brand new online shop!

Simply select the quantity of the items you would like, as you do so they will appear in a list on the right hand side of the page. Once you have selected everything, click on the image of the shopping cart to proceed to the checkout.

  • Pack of 10 Large Boxes

    (£25.00 per pack)

    Suitable for Glass, China, Ornaments and Pots & Pans etc

  • Pack of 10 Small Boxes

    (£20.00 per pack)

    Suitable for Books, Dvd's and Files etc

  • Wardrobe Cartons

    (£10 per carton)

    Suitable for hanging clothes

  • Bubble Wrap

    (£25.00 per roll)

    Each roll = 300millimetres by 100metres

  • Packing Paper

    (£10.00 per pack)

    Each pack = 500 sheets

  • Tape Guns

    (£7.50 per tape gun)

    Saves using your teeth to cut tape!

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  • Single Mattress Cover

    (£3.50 per Mattress Cover)

    Keeps your mattress clean!

  • Double Mattress Cover

    (£3.50 per Mattress Cover)

    Keeps your mattress clean!

  • Kingsize Mattress Cover

    (£3.50 per Mattress Cover)

    Suitable for king and Queen

  • Plastic Sofa Cover

    (£3.50 per Sofa Cover)

    Keeps your Sofa clean!

  • Plastic Armchair Cover

    (£3.50 per Armchair Cover)

    Keeps your Armchair clean!

  • Fragile Packing Tape

    (£2.50 per roll)

    Mark up any fragile items with fragile tape!

  • Archive Box

    (£3.00 per Archive Box)

    Perfect for files and folders!

  • Permanent Marker Pen

    (£1 per pen)

    Mark up your boxes so you know what's in them!

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